Senior Young Learner

Our Senior Young Learner Program is for teenagers, aged 12 to 16, with a higher level of English language learning. It is a 4-level program, with content aimed towards the Cambridge A2 Key (KET), B1 Preliminary (PET), and B2 First (FCE) test certifications, and has been designed to allow student’s language abilities to develop more naturally, which means students better remember what they have learned and are happier, more confident English speakers.
With a modern style of English Language Learning, our approach to learning instruction is devised to be both instructive and fun for students; interested students always learn faster, bored students don’t!
WECEC also includes ESL instruction in Science & Mathematics. This provides students with a solid base of knowledge for possible future education in English-speaking countries.

Study method through discovery

Better student engagement

Builds independent learning skills
Improves reasoning & creative problem solving
Responds to the changing needs of students
Senior Young Learner

Teaching & Studying Methods

High-quality instruction is key to student success in mastering language skills. That is why the Ontario Curriculum uses modern teaching methods based on academic and classroom research. It is based on the belief that all students can be successful language learners. It also provides many opportunities for students to practise and apply their developing knowledge and skills in a variety of contexts and situations.

Inter-Connected Strategies

Reading, writing, listening, and speaking, are taught as interconnected processes that cannot be separated and that build on and reinforce one another. Educators explicitly teach and model learning strategies to give students the skills required for life-long, independent learning.

Assessment for Learning

The primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning. There is no value in assessing students if the assessment does not impact learning and instruction. This means assessment is an ongoing process, without the need for lots of stressful tests.

Inquiry-Based Learning
Inter-Connected Strategies
Learning Made Visible
Assessment for Learning
Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry is at the heart of learning and students are encouraged from a very early age to develop their ability to ask questions and to explore a variety of possible answers to those questions. Students acquire the skills to find for themselves the relevant information for their answers.

Learning Made Visible

The purpose for learning is made clear to students, which helps them activate prior knowledge. Scaffolded and differentiated instruction personalise the learning for individual students. Students talk through their thinking and learning processes to discover the approaches which work best for them.


i-Learn Smart World an English syllabus which includes 4 levels for secondary school students in Vietnam.
  • The syllabus was researched and compiled by a team of international authors in conjunction with faculty of the Pedagogical University of Ho Chi Minh City.



Ontario 6

iLearn Smart World,Level 6, Student Book
iLearn Smart World,Level 6, Workbook

Ontario 7

iLearn Smart World,Level 7, Student Book
iLearn Smart World,Level 7, Workbook

Ontario 8

iLearn Smart World,Level 8, Student Book
iLearn Smart World,Level 8, Workbook

Ontario 9

iLearn Smart World,Level 9, Student Book
iLearn Smart World,Level 9, Workbook



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